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2011 January 12 General Meeting

Gina DeFalco and Cody Monroe, our two University of Florida Students who each received a $1,500 Environmental Horticulture scholarship from the Windermere Garden Club, attended the January 12 General Meeting.  Both told us about their studies and their plans after graduation in 2012.  We also heard from their advisor,  Amy Alexander.   After the meeting, WGC treated them to lunch at Westerly’s Restaurant at the Metro West Golf Club.  They were accompanied by several WGC members.
WGC members,  Kitty Day and Maureen Tuber, provided delicious snacks and coffee. 
Enjoy the photos below from the meeting:

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Newcomers Brunch Feb 2 2011

We all enjoyed meeting new members: Carolin Warren, Connie Black, Cannon Stoffell and 3 potential new members: Susan Carter, Karen Ann Blonn, Danielle Mikolaitis at the Newcomers’ Brunch.  The brunch was hosted by WGC member, Maria Hawke at her lovely home in Orlando.  The members brought food, we all networked briefly, then we all moved to the pool veranda where each Chairman of her Committe or Project presented her duties and the purpose of her Committee.

All new members are encouraged to get involved with the club activities.  Involvement in your garden club will ensure the utmost experience and you will get to know the other members quicker.

Enjoy the slideshow from the brunch provided by Donna Ditges:

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2012 January 19 – Arbor Day Event with Children

The Windermere Garden Club (WGC) hosted the Annual Arbor Day Ceremony for local pre-school children; serving cookies & Apple Juice furnished by WGC members. With a nip in the air, the day began at 10AM with Windermere Mayor, Gary Bruhn, reading the Arbor Day Proclamation and the Windermere Police Department leading the color guard. Windermere Union Church Pre-school children sang songs followed by ISA Florida Arborists from Tree Climbing Concepts Training Team demonstrating safe tree climbing which was available for patrons to try at the Windermere Treebute & Arbor Day Festival on Saturday, January 21. Trees furnished by Windermere Garden Club and Tree Board were planted by Windermere Mayor Gary Bruhn, Town Manager Robert Smith, WGC President, Peggy Collins and WGC Corresponding Secretary and Arbor Day Tree Planting Chairman, Jackie Rapport. The event concluded with refreshments served by the WGC members. Enjoy the slideshow of photos furnished by WGC member, Donna Ditges:

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Erinon Nursery Field Trip Scheduled

Windermere Garden Club’s Erinon Nursery field trip will be on FRIDAY, Jan. 27, 2012. This could be our last field trip to this location before the toll road expansion closes this nursery forever. This nursery specializes in camellias.
For more information on Erinon Nursery go to
By request of the nursery, this will be an early afternoon field trip. We will leave Town Hall at 12:30pm, arrive at Erinon Nursery approx. 1:00pm, buy and/or enjoy until 3:00pm. Arrive back at Town Hall 3:30/3:45pm.
Sign up at the Jan. 12th general garden club meeting or contact Barbara Bochiardy before Jan. 15th to attend.

2011 December 8 General Meeting and Christmas Luncheon

Today we had a very informal meeting; no hostesses and no speakers.  Hospice Flowers were provided by Joan Yancey & Elaine Wilson.  We met at Ruth’s Chris on Sand Lake for a wonderful lunch served by the Ruth’s Chris staff.

Donna Ditges proposed a trip to Stetson Mansion in Deland, FL to tour the old mansion and to see their fabulous Christmas decorations.  It will be decorated until January 15, 2012.  We need a group of 11 people to get the 1 hour & 45 minute guided tour.  A separate post with details will be posted soon.

Enjoy the photos of members and guests present at the luncheon courtesy of Donna Ditges:

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2011 Flower Show

The Windermere Garden Club held their Flower Show at Windermere Town Hall on September 29-30, 2011.  The show was a huge success!  Enjoy the slideshow below prepared by Donna Ditges.  Photos courtesy of Donna Ditges & Jackie Haddock.

2011 September Flower Show

Pictured below are a few of the many Windermere Garden Club members who recently attended an organizational meeting for a flower show “A September Celebration”. The public may view the show on Thursday September 29th from 1 PM to 4 PM and on Friday September 30th from 10 AM to 3:30 PM at Windermere Town Hall.  Pictures courtesy of Maureen Tuber.

Barbara B., Tanya C., Jackie H., Pam F., Joan P.

Paula and Joan

Diane, Dot, Jackie

Mary B., Barbara B., Pam F.

WGC Flower Show Information

Windermere Garden Club will be having a Flower Show on September 28, 29, and 30, 2011 at Windermere Town Hall. 

Listed below are the general rules to follow if you would like to enter a design in the event.

The Three Classes are:



Class 3 – “HAPPY DAYS”

The photos below are examples of those three Classes: 

Click on photo to enlarge – Then press CTRL + to enlarge more


General Table Information:

  1. All table classes must relate to the service of food.
  2. All components must be in good taste, consistent with an appropriate atmosphere for the service of food.
  3. Schedule must always be specific as to size (of table or frame of reference), mode (Functional if Exhibition), and purpose of table (occasion or title).

Mode of Tables:

A.  Function, for two or more Persons

  1. Table exhibit planned and set for actual service of food, capable of functioning for dining as displayed.  Convenience and a sense of order must prevail.
  2. The exhibit must always include a decorative unit (a floral design, with or without candles or other accessories).  A container-grown plant alone is not a design.
  3. Typically includes dishes, beverages container/s, covering/s, and napkin/s.
  4. Coordination of all components must be balanced within the allotted space.

 B.  Exhibition

  1. An artistic arrangement of table components, within an allotted space, to provide a creative effect without consideration for functional placement.  All components chosen must be suitable for use on a dining table.
  2. Schedule may not specify table components appropriate to manner of dining, class title and/or occasion.
  3. Exhibition table may be:

                  a.      Type I  – Must include a decorative unit/s

b.      Type II – May not include a decorative unit/s but must include some plant material placed where needed to carry rhythm, repeat color/s and overall degree of formality.

i.      Container/s or items substituting for containers may be used, but they must not provide a receptacle for completed design.

ii.      All plants, including container-grown plants, are not designs and therefore may not be used.

 C.  Alfresco

  1. Dining out-of-doors, on table, ground, bench, tailgate, etc.
  2. May be any degree of formality with appropriate appointments for the chosen manner.  Schedule class title or description may dictate manner.

If you have any questions, please contact either Joan Prasky, Floral Design Show Chairman or Jackie Haddock, Co-Chairman. Please see your Yearbook for their contact information.

2011 May General Meeting/Luncheon – 2011-2012 Officer Change Over

The Windermere Garden Club met on Thursday, May 12, 2011 at Westerly’s Restaurant in the Metro West Golf Club.  The main activity was to relieve the previous year’s officers of their duties and induct the new officers.  Most stayed the same, a few were replaced.  Theresa Schretzmann-Myers presided over the ceremony.

2010-2011 Officers were:  Peggy Collins – President; Tanya Chesire, -1st Vice President; Donna Ditges – 2nd Vice President; Diane Zdeb – Recording Secretary; Jackie Rapport – Corresponding Secretary; and Mary Brett – Treasurer

2011 – 2012 Officers are:  Peggy Collins – President; Tanya Chesire, – 1st Vice President; Maureen Tuber – 2nd Vice President; Minora Hand – Recording Secretary; Jackie Rapport – Corresponding Secretary; and Mary Brett – Treasurer.

Donna Ditges will continue her Webmaster and Photographer duties.  Diane Zdeb will continue to be a member.

Photos courtesy of Photographer, Donna Ditges

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2011 March 24 – Crazy Card Party

The annual Crazy Card Party was held at Windermere Town Hall on March 24, 2011.  This is our biggest fund-raiser of the year.  We raised more than our goal with proceeds going towards:

  • Two $1,500 scholarships to University of Florida students in Environmental Horticulture;
  • Financial support for elementary school children to attend the Wekiva Youth Camp, sponsored by the Florida Federation of Garden Clubs; and
  • Windermere Arbor Day and Elementary School plantings including the popular butterfly garden.

Photos courtesy of Photographer, Donna Ditges