2018 May General Meeting

On May 10th, we had a general meeting with an informal coffee at Windermere Town Hall.  I, Tanya C., was not able to attend so thank you to President Bonnie B. and Corresponding Sec. Jackie R. for information on the meeting and thanks to Dorie B. and Debra N. for the photos in this blog/post.

2018 May General Meeting #6

Our hostess were Paula R. and Carolin W. with some wonderful snacks and a beautiful centerpiece.

The program was a mock horticultural show/contest. Our club will be having a horticultural show in Nov. to celebrate our club’s 60th year as a Florida Federation of Garden Club (FFGC) federated club. There were many members who brought some wonderful plants and clippings and it was very informative.


Some of the entries at our “mock” horticultural show.


2018 May General Meeting #8

Maureen T. and Joan P. explaining how to enter a horticultural show and how to improve your chances of winning.

President Bonnie B. presented the two FFGC awards that our club won this year.

Decoration of Historical Buildings (Historic Preservation Award) was presented to Holiday Decorations Co-Chairman Carolin W. It was specifically awarded for the decoration of Windermere Town Hall for Christmas 2017. Not shown is co-chairman Vicki H.

Also, The Outstanding Service award for an individual who continuously sustains and develops any phase of garden club work was presented to Corresponding Jackie R. Only one person in the entire state of Florida wins this award every year. Jackie has helped develop and continues to work as a co-chairman or chairman on the elementary school gardens, old schoolhouse garden, and annual arbor day tree planting.

Left to Right: President Bonnie B., Corresponding Sec. Jackie R. and Carolin W.

2018 May General Meeting #3Left to Right: Barbara B. and Margret S.






2018 Plant Exchange

On May 4th, we had a plant exchange at Windermere Recreation Center which is just west of Windermere Elementary School. It was very informative and many attendees went home with several plants to try out at home.

Plant Exchange Photo #3Left to right in front row is 1st VP Mary B., Jackie H. and Theresa S.-M.

Plant Exchange Photo #2In the blue shirt is Joan P. and leaning on table is Jackie R.

Plant Exchange Photo #1Jackie H.

2018 April General Meeting

On April 12, 2018, we had a general meeting with informal coffee at Windermere Town Hall. Our hostesses for our coffee were Maggie K. and Hostess Chairman Carolyn B. They provided some very delicious snacks, drinks, and lovely decorations.

2018 April General Meeting Photo #4

L to R: Hostesses Maggie K. and Hostess Chairman Carolyn B.

2018 April General Meeting Photo # 6

Some of the yummy refreshements provided by our hostesses Carolyn B. and Maggie K.

2018 April General Meeting Photo # 5

Floral design provided by Hostess Maggie K. The white gardenias are from Maggie’s yard.

Also we had a “white elephant” sale. Thank you to our chairman Dayle B. for her hard work and to everyone who donated items and all the shoppers.

2018 April General Meeting Photo #3

“White Elephant” Sale Chairman Dayle B.

Our program was Garden Club Member Vicki H. speaking on growing sprouts and microgreens. She had many hints on growing these super food in your own home just as she does at her home.  No outdoor gardening and harvest in days or weeks. We all tasted many samples and took home seeds to try it out on our own. Thank you, Vicki.

2018 April General Meeting Photo # 1

Member Vicki H. was our speaker

2018 April General Meeting Photo #2

L to R: Community Gardens Co-Chairman Vicki H. and Garden Club Member Brandi H.

2018 Newcomers’ Event

On April 17, 2018, we had an event to welcome members who recently joined our club.

Special thank yous to Recording Sec. Janet S. and her husband for hosting this event at their home and the mimosas.  All of the officers and many of the chairmen attended and provided the snacks and floral designs. Thank you everyone and especially to Special Events co-chairman Peggy C. who provided cheese,  cream puffs, and her homemade egg salad sandwiches but was not able to attend.

The new members had a great time and President Bonnie B. introduced our new members, officers, and chairmen who were at the event. The new members learned about our club and what we do for the community.

2018 Newcomers Photo # 3

L to R: Members Betty J., Betsy W., Dori B., Debra N. and Brandi H.

2018 Newcomers Photo #1

 L to R: Hospice Flowers Chairman Renda F., 1st VP Mary B., Floral Design Co-chairman Maureen T. and Holiday Decorations Chairman Carolin W.

2018 Newcomers Photo # 4

Floral design by Newsletter & Name Tag Chairman Paula R. along with some of the delicious snacks provided by some of the officers and chairmen

2018 Newcomers Photo # 5

More of the yummy snacks provided by our club’s officers and committee chairmen

2018 Newcomers Photo # 2

One of the many small table floral designs by Recording Sec. Janet S.


2018 Plant Exchange Announcement

For members and invited friends:

On FRIDAY, May 4th there will be a Windermere GC Plant Exchange from 9:30am-11:30am.

It will be at Windermere Recreation Center at 11465 Park Ave, Windermere, FL which is west of Windermere Elementary between The Manors and Lake Crescent Reserve Subdivisions.

You do not need to bring a plant(s) to get a plant(s).
Questions? Contact Jackie at 407-876-5789.

2018 April General Meeting Announcement

Windermere Garden Club will meet on Thursday, April 12th at Windermere Town Hall for a general meeting with an informal coffee and a semi-annual “white elephant” sale

The informal coffee and a semi-annual “white elephant” sale will begin at 9:30am. The general meeting will begin at 10 am with fellow garden club member, Vicki Hearst, speaking on “Micro Greens & Sprouts”.
This meeting would be a great time to join us because on Tuesday, April 17th we will be having a newcomers’ event. To join, the TOTAL cost is $35 which is $30 for dues PLUS a one time fee of $5 for a reusable binder for our annual yearbook pages. Please open the link below to print out and then fill out an application. Then bring the application to the meeting with your $35 payment. If you wish to attend the newcomers event on April 17th and can not come to the April 12th general meeting, then call Jackie at 407-876-5789.

Please note: Due to a change in our bylaws that officers will now be elected to TWO year terms, the May 10, 2018 General Meeting will NOT be an officers’ installation luncheon. Instead it will be a “regular” general meeting at Windermere Town Hall with informal coffee at 9:30am and a general meeting with a program at 10am. More later.

2018 Crazy Card Party & Luncheon

Our Crazy Card Party & Luncheon fundraiser was again this year a great success! Thank you to all of the members’ hard work and donations. Here are some photos of just a FEW of the members who worked very hard to make this event a success.

2018 CCP #1

Helping to set up the silent auction. L to R: Betty J., Paula R., Angela W. and Maureen T.

2018 CCP #2

Members helping to decorate town hall for our event. L to R: Vicki H., Valerie D. and Carolin W.

2018 CCP #9

Some of the items at the raffle table.

2018 CCP #10

2018 CCP #6

Our beautiful table setting designed by Vicki H.

2018 CCP #7


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