2014 – 2015 Project Summary

WGC Special  Projects

FUN with FLOWERS Jan 2015


WGC On-Going Projects


Butterfly Gardens:

Fund and maintain two Butterfly Gardens on Windermere Municipal grounds and one at a local elementary school. Participation: 3 members.


Community Affairs:

Windermere Historic School House

Provide funds and volunteers for selected landscape projects.



Civic Beautification:

Arbor Day – Commemorate Florida Arbor Day at Windermere Town Green.  Fund and coordinate ceremony. Sponsor tree planting for school children.  Participation: 25%

Hospice Flowers – Deliver floral design or small plants monthly to local hospice patients.  Participation : 25 members

Library Flowers – Provide floral design or live plants weekly to be enjoyed by  patrons of Windermere Library. Participation: 100%

Windermere Christmas Tree – Decorate Windermere town tree to be enjoyed  by everyone. Participation: 50%



University of Florida Scholarship Program

 Camp Wekiva Camp



Ways and Means – Fund Raising Projects:

 Crazy Card Party  –  Primary fund raiser . Participation: 75 %

White Elephant Sales – October & April, Participation: 50%

Raffles at monthly meetings: 75%

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