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Windermere Garden Club New Year 2013-2014

Dear Members:
We hope everyone had a great summer and is ready to enjoy another great year with the Windermere Garden Club.  Please check the monthly Meeting & Event Agendas to remind yourself if you have Hospice Flowers or Library Flowers or Hostess duties and for information on speakers and topics of each General Meeting. 
Unfortunately, the website is only partially updated.  The Meeting & Event Agendas are current through the end of 2013.   We hope to have the 2014 events calendar completed soon.  Check back monthly for updates and current events; especially if you missed the last meeting. 
Also, please send potential new members to our website to see what we have been doing through the years and to find out what we are all about.  Membership Application in .pdf format is now available for download under the Membership section. 
We look forward to seeing everyone at our first General Meeting of the 2013-2014 year on September 12, 2013 at 9:30 am.
Donna Ditges, Webmaster

2012 March General Meeting

Before the meeting and during the break, our club photographer, Donna Ditges, set up a mini studio and took professional headshots of all members for the 2013 Yearbook. All members who had their portrait taken can find their photos on Donna’s website. The password to enter is “garden club” with no quotes and all lowercase. Click on this link: Foto Flix Photography. If anyone has trouble getting onto the site, please email Donna at

These photos will be published in the 2013 Yearbook only and will be removed from Foto Flix Photography’s website after the April meeting.  If you want to use a different photo in the 2013 Yearbook, please notify Maureen Tuber before July 2012 and provide a digital photo you would rather use.

Our speaker this month was JoAnn Gatlin, Master Gardener and the topic was the Master Gardner Program.

Thank you to our Hostesses, Colleen Casey, Darlene Lohse, Tanya Chesire for wonderful snacks and coffee.

Please enjoy the following photos provided by Donna Ditges:

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Calendar Changes to January & February 2012

Apologies for some errors on the website January calendar.  The date of the Arbor Day event with the pre-school children at Town Hall has been changed to January 19 at 10am.

The Newcomer’s Tea is scheduled for February 2, 2012 at 10am.  See February calendar for details.

Donna Ditges will be set up at the February meeting to take headshots for the Yearbook.  Both old and new members are encouraged to get your photos taken on this day.

2011-2012 Website Updated

Thank you for your patience with us in getting the 2011-2012 website updated.  We were a little behind this year.  If you find any changes that have been inadvertently overlooked, please bring it to the attention of your Webmaster.

You can notify the Webmaster by:

  • posting a comment located below each page stating the error; or
  • sending us an email with a note explaining the discrepancy (

Please note that telling the Webmaster at the meetings is not sufficient; using one of the methods mentioned is much faster and more efficient.

Also, please note there is a Menu item at the top of every page entitled “References/Resources” which has links to various websites that reference gardening, our speakers, Nehrling Gardens, and any other resources we may find helpful in beautifying our communities and personal gardens.

As always, we strive to improve our website so that our members will have accessibility to current news regarding our club and our community.  If you would like us to publish any news, hints, resources on the website, photos of events, or announce any plants you may be giving away, please send an email to your Webmaster at  This website is for all of us to enjoy and each and every member’s input is welcomed.

Happy Gardening,
Donna Ditges, WGC Webmaster

Changes to Club Constitution and Bylaws

At the March 10, 2011 General Meeting, the members voted in favor of the following changes to our Constitution and Bylaws.  The changes have been made on this website under their respective titles and are displayed in red as follows:



Section II:

a)  Active Membership:  To be eligible for active membership, a member must be interested in gardening and willing to take an active part in the club.

b)  Life Membership:  To be eligible for Life Membership, an applicant must have been a member in good standing for a minimum of ten years and must be approved by the board.  Life Members may be excused from club duties if they wish; they may be active; they may vote.


The Windermere Garden Club shall not adopt any practice, policy or procedure which would result in discrimination on the basis of gender, race or religion.


Article V  DUES

Section I:  Dues for members shall be $25 per year.  Dues for Life Members shall be $100 and earmarked for a purpose consistent with the objectives of the club.  for club membership only; National and State dues must be paid annually by the life member if continued National and/or State membership is desired.  Dues from Life Memberships shall be earmarked for a purpose consistent with the objectives of the club.  Yearly dues are due and payable in March and delinquent May 15.  A late fee of $5 will be assessed for dues paid on or after May 15.  Life membership is payable one time only.