Awards, Holiday Workdays

2019-2020 Awards

We received 3 awards from the Florida Federation of Garden Clubs (FFGC) for 2019!

First, let me thank Bonnie B. our awards chair.   Bonnie works very hard filling out the applications so that we can be eligible for awards.  She takes and collects  members photos  and compiles information throughout the year.    She fills out  applications for each award category that she feels we most  quality for and  then turns  in the applications in  a timely manner.    Without an active awards chairperson like Bonnie,  all the wonderful things that we do would be over looked at Federation level.  Thank you Bonnie!

So here our three awards that we won:

Award #2  Outstanding Leadership Award

For Outstanding Service in garden club work by an individual

Award recipient,  Vicki Hearst

 $50 cash prize

Award #17 -2B   Decoration of a Historic Building Award

For Decoration of an Historic Building Windermere Town Hall – Candyland

The club will receive a check for $25.

We decorated the indoor Christmas tree, the mantel and the outside “Natural” tree.

After the take down of the tree, many of the decorations were donated to Molly Rae Elementary to be repurposed in their Spring carnival.    Sadly, the carnival was postponed but the decorations are being stored in their PTSA storage closet for the future.

Additionally, we were recognized this year by the Town of Windermere and presented a plaque for  more than 20 years of service to the town.

Special thanks to our Christmas Chair, Carolin Warren and all the  WGC members  that come out and help.  Thank you for this year and all the past year’s hard work.

#29A   Community Service Design Award  (Civic Award)

Hospice Flowers

The club will receive a check for $25.

Not only do our members create beautiful  hospice flower arrangements that are delivered each month to the Ocoee Health Care Center, we also donated flowers to the center’s Mother’s Day celebration for all the residents.

Special thanks to the Hospice Flower Chair, Rena Farley, and all members who make and donate hospice flowers.

*The FFGC awards won by  District VII  clubs will be presented at the next District VII  general meeting.

Thank you everyone for what you do to make our club great!

Until we meet again, stay healthy.

Vicki Hearst


Holiday Workdays

2018 Holiday Decorating Workday

On Wednesday, Nov. 28th, we had a workday at Windermere Town Hall to decorate the live Christmas tree inside the hall and a tree on the back porch for the holidays.  Thank you to everyone who helped this year. Special thanks to Carolin W.  for organizing the workday and also thank you to Carolin W. and Tanya C. for the refreshments.

2018 Xmas Workday Photo #4Carolin W.  decorating the live Christmas tree inside Windermere Town Hall.


2018 Xmas Workday Photo #1Vicki H. decorating the Christmas tree inside Windermere Town Hall. This year’s theme is “modern traditional”.


2018 Xmas Workday Photo #2Floral arrangements created for town hall’s fireplace mantel by Vicki H.


2018 Xmas Workday Photo #5Brandi H. in blue and Arjuna D. preparing balls for the Christmas tree inside town hall.


2018 Xmas Workday Photo #3Angela W. in white jacket and Arjuna D. decorating the “nature” tree on the back porch.


2018 Xmas Workday Photo #7In front of the completed tree inside town hall. L to R: Corresponding Sec. Jackie R., Tanya C., Vicki H., Holiday Decorations Chairman Carolin W., Arjuna D. & Theresa S.-M.

Great job ladies.

Holiday Workdays

2017 Christmas Workday

On November 29th, we had a workday to decorate Windermere Town Hall for the upcoming holiday season. Many thanks to everyone who showed up to work on this project at the last minute. Photos by Bonnie Baum.

Back Row is Town Hall's Quninton, Sandy Woodard, Paula Rodgers, Diane Lambert, Bonnie Baum, Diana Touchstone, Front row is in red Carolin Warren in green Vicki Hearst

In front row: Christmas Chairman Carolin Warren in red and Vicki Hearst in green. In back row: left to right Town Hall Staffer “Quinton”, Sandy Woodard, Paula Rodgers, Diane Lambert, President Bonnie Baum, and Diana Touchstone

Diana Touchstone

Diana Touchstone

Diane Lambert

Diane Lambert

In black Paula Rodgers, in pink Dayle Betlock

Left to right: Paula Rodgers, Joan Prasky, and Dayle Betlock


In green Vicki Hearst and Diana Touchstone

Vicki Hearst with snowflake and Diana Touchstone

In red Carolin Warren and Vicki Hearst

Carolin Warren in red and Vicki Hearst in green.