2017 Summer Schedule

May 2017 – Meeting

“Change Over”  Board Metting at 8:30 am
  Windermere Town Hall
   520 Main St Windermere, FL

Summer Activities

06/04/2017  National Garden Week
TBD                 Plant Exchange
06/08/2017   June Luncheon  TBD
07/13/2017    July Luncheon  TBD
07/15/2017   Yearbook Information Due
                         To Maureen Tuber
08/01/2017    Sept/Oct Newsletter Information
                            Due to  Paula Rodgers
08/10/2017    August Luncheon  TBD
09/07/2017     Board Meeting at 9:30 am
                            Windermere Town Hall

Summer Hospice Flowers

 Summer Library Flowers

Refer to Calendar Handout


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