2017/10 October Events

October 2017- Meetings


General Meeting at Windermere Town Hall

9:30 am Coffee and “White Elephant” Sale

10 am Program and Meeting

Topic: “Grasses and Fertilizers”

Speaker: Ed Thralls, Orange County Extension Office

Hostesses: Margaret Scoleri and Maria Hawke

October Activities


District VII Fall General Meeting

Hosted by Lake Council of Garden Clubs at Elks Lodge in Tavares, FL. Cost is $20/person and includes lunch. All members are welcome to attend.  Registration deadline for delegates is Oct. 6th and for all others the deadline is Oct. 9th. Click on link:

2017 Fall Call

Library Flowers

 10/02-10/07 Cannon Stoffel
 10/10-10/14 Maureen Tuber
 10/16-10/21 Betsy Whittington
 10/23-10/28 Angela Withers
 10/30-11/04 Sandy Woodard


Hospice Flowers:  Theresa Schretzmann-Myers and Joan Prasky

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