Hospice Flowers 2017-2018

Hospice Flowers

Each month our club supports hospice patients and their family members by providing a floral arrangement or bouquet, or small plant to be displayed in the patient’s room.

Every month two members will each to provide three floral items for a total of six floral items. The Hospice Flower Schedule is generated from the alphabetical list of active members and documented in the calendar insert and the monthly program pages. Refer to these documents and mark the date on your calendar. If you have a scheduling conflict, please exchange your date with another member on the list and notify the chairman. The chairman will remind participants during the month prior to their assignment.

Members should bring their floral items to the general meeting for the Hospice Flower Chairman who will deliver them to the nursing home. Members who cannot attend the general meeting or are assigned during a summer month should contact the chairman to coordinate delivery of their floral items.

Chairman: Renda Farley     Farleymf@aol.com

 Refer to Year Book  calendar insert for monthly Hospice Schedule