2019/04 April Events

April 2019- Meetings


General Meeting at Windermere Town Hall

9:30 am Coffee and “White Elephant” Sale

10 am Program and Meeting

Topic: Nehrling’s “Our Native Birds of Song & Beauty””

Speaker: Theresa Schretzmann-Myers, Windermere Garden Club

Hostesses: Darlene Lohse & Theresa Mayers


04/06-04/09 Florida Federation of Garden Club’s (FFGC) State Convention, St. Augustine FL

Library Flowers

04/01-04/06 Janet Sgamma
04/08-04/13 Jill Thompson
04/15-04/20 Maureen Tuber
 04/22-04/27 Carolin Warren
04/29-05/04 Betsy Whittington


Hospice Flowers:  Betty Jones & Maggie Kinst

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