2020/01 January Events

January 2020- Meetings

01/09/2020     9:00 am Board Meeting at Windermere Town Hall

01/09/2020      General Meeting at Windermere Town Hall

9:30 am      Coffee, Ways & Means Sale

10:00 am  Topic I – “What’s New in the Town of Windermere”

Speaker: Town Manager, Robert Smith

Topic II “Meet Our Scholarship Recipients”

Speakers: University of Florida Advisor & Students & Valencia Students

Hostesses: Maggie Kinst and Shirley Martuch

January Activities

01/16/2019   Florida Arbor Day-Time TBA at Windermere Town Hall

1/18/2019     Treebute WGC Booth “Pick a Plant, Pick a Plant, Free Plants for Kids”- Windermere Town Hall

Library Flowers

01/06/2020-01/11/2020             Jill Thompson

01/13/2020-01/18/2020             Maureen Tuber

01/21/2020-01/25/2020             Carolin Warren

01/27/2020-02/01/2020             Betsy Whittington


Hospice Flowers: Carolyn Bucher & Joan Prasky