Club Business, General Meetings

September 2022 General Meeting

WGC members met for the Sep 2022 general meeting after the summer break. A few landscaping projects related to the town of Windermere were completed during the summer. Members also met for summer luncheons once a month.

April H and Kim B did a wonderful job as hostesses and were thanked by all.

The September program included plant raffle & live auction of a few chosen plants.

Awards earned by club and members were announced by Bonnie B, Awards Chairperson. Mary Beth C won the Community Flower Award for the library flowers. Arjuna D and Shirin N entered the Art in Bloom and won. Jackie R and Vicki H won an award for the 2021 Environmental Education for Youth Award in regards to the Arbor Day celebration with the Windermere Church Preschool.

Members received information regarding the upcoming Disctrict VII flower show & were encouraged to participate by Maureen T & Suzanne M.


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