2019 June Bench Dedication

On June 25, 2019 at the Historic School House in downtown Windermere, FL, our club had a small dedication of the bench for recently passed and former club president Marjorie Masson. Funds for the bench was provided by her friends and family as well as individual donations from current club members. Thank you everyone.

In addition to club members and their family and friends, Windermere Mayor Jim O’ Brien and Council Members Liz Andert and Bill Martini and their family and friends also attended the dedication.

Refreshments were provided by President Vicki Hearst and Outgoing President Bonnie Baum. Thank you ladies.

Photos were provided by Maureen Tuber and Debra Neill. Thank you ladies.

Left to Right: Garden Club members Carolin W. and Paula R., Treasurer “Dale”, Corresponding Sec. Jackie R.. Outgoing President Bonnie B. and Garden Club member Margaret S.

Garden Club member Carolyn B.

June 2019 Photo #3

Left is Garden Club Member Betty J. and Right is President Vicki H.

Left to right: Garden Club Members Margaret S. and Paula R., Recording Sec. Janet S. and Garden Club Member Betty J.

Left to Right: Council Member Liz A,, Mayor Jim O. and Council Member Bill M.

Unveiling of the bench by Outgoing President Bonnie B. in white and President Vicki H.





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