General Meetings, Luncheons

2018 Holiday Luncheon/Dec. General Meeting

On Dec. 13th at Orange Tree Golf Club, we had our annual holiday luncheon with a short business meeting. The food and company were wonderful.  Everyone has a wonderful time. Also we had a food drive for the Christian Service Center. Thank you for your donations.

Door prizes included: 7 centerpieces created by Vicki H., 2 boxes of a Lenox Christmas votive candle holders and 1 boxed amaryllis donated by Nehrling Gardens who also sold boxed and potted amaryllis for a discounted price.

Thank you to Special Event Co-chairmen Jackie R. and Peggy C. for organizing this event. Sorry that Peggy C. was not able to attend to enjoy herself after her hard work.

See below two group photos of just a few of the 26 members who attended.

2018 Xmas Luncheon Photo #1Left to right: Dell H., Betty J. and Vicki H.

2018 Xmas Luncheon Photo #3Left to Right: Carolyn B. and Ceme C.

2018 Xmas Luncheon Photo #2Vicki H. with one of the 7 beautiful floral arrangements she created that were part of the door prizes given away at the luncheon.  Thank you and a great job, Vicki.



Events, Horticulture Specialty Flower Show

2018 Horticulture Specialty Flower Show

On Nov. 15th-16th, we hosted a free horticulture specialty flower show at Windermere Town Hall to celebrate our club’s 60th year as a Florida Federation of Garden Clubs federated club. The show was a contest of potted plants, orchids, and cuttings from yards with three special photography categories for Windermere Garden Club members only.


It was all hands on deck to make this show a success. Thank you to all of the members who helped with and entered the show.

Special thanks to our two flower show chairmen Joan P. and Jackie H. Also, a special thanks to Schedule Chairman Maureen T. and Horticulture Entries’ Chairman Darlene L. Thank you to Bonnie B. and Tanya C. for hosting the judges’ breakfast. Thank you to Recording Sec. Janet S. and her husband, Philip, who hosted the judges’ lunch at their home featuring Philip’s homemade pumpkin ravioli.

2018 Flower Show Photo #A

On entries set up day, left to right: Show’s co-chairman Jackie H., Historian Margaret S. and 2nd VP Mary B.

2018 Flower Show Photo #21

Light breakfast for the flower show judges provided by President Bonnie B. and other members of the garden club. Set up by Bonnie B. and Tanya C.

2018 Flower Show Photo #12

President Bonnie B. with table arrangements that matched the flower show’s  program/schedule which she created for the judges’ coffee. Great job.

2018 Flower Show Photo #19

Special table at the show with several of our scrapbooks from our club’s historian, Margaret S. Thank you Margaret for all of your work.

Thank you to everyone who entered the show and congratulation to all of the contestants that were winners.  Congratulation to President Bonnie B. who won the “people’s choice” award which was voted as the best entry at the show by the public with her donkey ear plant, Kalanchoe gastonis-bonnieri.

The following are photos of the horticultural show:







General Meetings, Miscellaneous

2018 November General Meeting

On November 8th, we had a general meeting at Windermere Town Hall. The informal coffee before the meeting was hosted by Tanya C.

2018 Nov. General Meeting Photo #3

Hostess Tanya C. with a central piece made of dyed wood shavings.

2018 Nov. General Meeting Photo #4

The delicious snacks provided by Hostess Tanya C.

Thanks to Tanya C. for bringing the snacks, juice and decorations for the informal coffee.  Thanks to co-hostess Peggy C. who provided key ingredients for the snacks to Tanya when Peggy was not able to attend or prepare food for the meeting due to an injury a few days before the meeting. Thanks to our Hostess Chairman Carolyn B. for her help with set up and clean up.

2018 Nov. General Meeting Photo #2

New member Arjuna D. in yellow and guest/future new member Shirin N. enjoying the informal coffee.

Unfortunately, our original program had to be changed at the last minute. Our replacement program was a speaker from Walt Disney World Debbie Mola Mickler who spoke on trees at Disney World. Thank you to our Horticulture Chairman Barbara B. and 2nd VP/Program Chairman Mary Black for the quick change.

Our speaker described how the horticulture team at Disney World would use plant material and move very large trees to create a scene. It was interesting to hear that to make an quick jungle, they would grow vines on dead trees that they had moved in. Also, how they moved a huge live southern oak to Magic Kingdom’s Liberty Square to represent the “Liberty Tree” and the tree became the logo for Disney’s Horticulture Team.  The original tree “Liberty Tree” was an elm in Boston Commons and under its’ branches in 1765 colonists staged the first act of defiance against the British government.

2018 Nov. General Meeting Photo #1

On the left 2nd VP Mary B. and on right is our speaker Debbie Mola Mickler


Time to sign up to attend Holiday Luncheon on Dec. 13th

Thank  you to everyone who have already made their paid reservations to attend Windermere Garden Club’s annual holiday luncheon with a short business meeting on Thursday, Dec. 13th at 11:30am at Orange Tree Golf Club.

You have not already signed up, you have until Wednesday, Dec. 5th to call Jackie at 407-876-5789 to attend.
At this event, we are encouraging family and friends to attend but advance reservations are required.  THIS WILL NOT BE A BUFFET. IT WILL BE A PLATED LUNCH. The lunch includes soup, salad, quiche and dessert.