Newcomers' Events

2018 Newcomers’ Event

On April 17, 2018, we had an event to welcome members who recently joined our club.

Special thank yous to Recording Sec. Janet S. and her husband for hosting this event at their home and the mimosas.  All of the officers and many of the chairmen attended and provided the snacks and floral designs. Thank you everyone and especially to Special Events co-chairman Peggy C. who provided cheese,  cream puffs, and her homemade egg salad sandwiches but was not able to attend.

The new members had a great time and President Bonnie B. introduced our new members, officers, and chairmen who were at the event. The new members learned about our club and what we do for the community.

2018 Newcomers Photo # 3

L to R: Members Betty J., Betsy W., Dori B., Debra N. and Brandi H.

2018 Newcomers Photo #1

 L to R: Hospice Flowers Chairman Renda F., 1st VP Mary B., Floral Design Co-chairman Maureen T. and Holiday Decorations Chairman Carolin W.

2018 Newcomers Photo # 4

Floral design by Newsletter & Name Tag Chairman Paula R. along with some of the delicious snacks provided by some of the officers and chairmen

2018 Newcomers Photo # 5

More of the yummy snacks provided by our club’s officers and committee chairmen

2018 Newcomers Photo # 2

One of the many small table floral designs by Recording Sec. Janet S.



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