General Meetings

2017 Holiday Luncheon/Dec. General Meeting

On Thursday, Dec. 14th at the home of Ceme Curley, we had a Christmas luncheon with a short business meeting.  Many thanks to Ceme and Hostess  Co-Chairman Peggy Collins as well as other members who helped for a job well done.

Wishing absent Hostess Co-Chairman Jackie Rapport as quick return to perfect health. You were missed.

Thanks to 3rd VP Sherri Ang for the photos in this post.

20171214_114413A few of our members socializing at the annual Christmas Luncheon which was catered this year. L to R: Vicki Hearst, Betsy Whittington, and Peggy Collins


2017 Xmas Party #21st VP Mary Black is wearing a black beret & is standing next to President Bonnie Baum


20171214_103021One of the tables at the Holiday Luncheon


2017 Xmas Party #4One of many poinsettia plants that were won by some of the members at the luncheon.

Holiday Workdays

2017 Christmas Workday

On November 29th, we had a workday to decorate Windermere Town Hall for the upcoming holiday season. Many thanks to everyone who showed up to work on this project at the last minute. Photos by Bonnie Baum.

Back Row is Town Hall's Quninton, Sandy Woodard, Paula Rodgers, Diane Lambert, Bonnie Baum, Diana Touchstone, Front row is in red Carolin Warren in green Vicki Hearst

In front row: Christmas Chairman Carolin Warren in red and Vicki Hearst in green. In back row: left to right Town Hall Staffer “Quinton”, Sandy Woodard, Paula Rodgers, Diane Lambert, President Bonnie Baum, and Diana Touchstone

Diana Touchstone

Diana Touchstone

Diane Lambert

Diane Lambert

In black Paula Rodgers, in pink Dayle Betlock

Left to right: Paula Rodgers, Joan Prasky, and Dayle Betlock


In green Vicki Hearst and Diana Touchstone

Vicki Hearst with snowflake and Diana Touchstone

In red Carolin Warren and Vicki Hearst

Carolin Warren in red and Vicki Hearst in green.