General Meetings

2017 November General Meeting

On November 9th, we had a general meeting at Windermere Town Hall. Our hostesses for the informal coffee was Vicki Hearst, Carolyn Ridgway and Shirley Martuch. They provided some delicious snacks and drinks. Also some very refreshing strawberry/tangerine water.

Some of the very tasty snacks provided by our hostesses.

Hostesses Carolyn Ridgway.

Hostess Shirley Martuch

Hostess Vicki Hearst

Our program was a very informative demonstrations of fall and winter themed floral arrangements by our members Master Flower Show Judge Joan Prasky and Flower Show Judge Maureen Tuber. The arrangements were raffled off at the end of the meeting.

One of our presenters Joan Prasky demonstrating a floral arrangement in a wine glass using red colored floral foam. Also in the photo is our co-presenter Maureen Tuber waiting to demonstrate her floral arrangements.

Maureen Tuber demonstrating an illusion where it appears that the rose flowers and stems are still attached and coming thur the arrangement. Instead they are cut away from each other and the stems are inserted into the floral foam on one side and the flowers are inserted on the other side.

Joan Prasky one of our presenters.






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