2017 Tri-Council’s Waterwise Conference and Plant Sale

On Wed. Jun 7th, Florida Federation of Garden Club’s (FFGC) Tri-Council will be hosting “Water, Water, Everywhere Will there be enough to drink?” event to celebrate National Garden Week and National Consultants Day.
This is an all day event will be at FFGC Headquarters in Winter Park, FL and Harry P. Leu Gardens in Orlando, FL. A box lunch, tour of Leu Gardens, speakers, and plant sale are included in the $25/person cost. The deadline to sign up is June 1st.

Please open BOTH of the attachments to sign up for this informative and fun event. One is the flyer and the other is the registation form which you MUST print out, fill out and return with your check. You do not need to be a consultant or be or even know a garden club member to attend. 


For all current garden club/circle members, bring a guest and receive an entry into a special raffle. See registration attachment for more information.

If you can not open the attachments then go to this website:  http://www.districtx.org/upcomingevents.html



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