General Meetings

2017 April General Meeting

On Thursday, April 13th we had a general meeting with informal coffee and “white elephant” sale.

Our hostesses were Cannon S. and incoming hostess chairman Carolyn B. They made and brought some very delicious snacks and beverages as well as lovely centerpieces. They did a wonderful job.

The very tasty snacks provided by Hostesses Cannon S. and Carolyn B.
A centerpiece for the snack table provided by Hostess Carolyn B.
Centerpiece for the beverage table provided by Hostess Carolyn B.
Outgoing Hostess Chairman Tanya C. on the left with Incoming Hostess Chairman Carolyn B. on the right.

We also had a very successful  “white elephant” sale with Dayle B. Thank you to Dayle and to everyone who donated items and bought items.

“White Elephant” Sale Chairman Dayle B. with shoppers Member Sandra W. in the center and Member Arlene G. who collects cookbooks.
Corresponding Sec., and co-chairman of the following Committees: Special Events, School/Community Gardens, and Arbor Day, Jackie R. at the “white elephant” sale.

Our program was Florida Federation of Garden Club (FFGC) Master Judge & FFGC Floral Design Instructor Lorraine Gabler who demonstrated how to make several Easter/Spring floral designs. She had many helpful hints and ideas.  She even used containers that were not waterproof and made them waterproof by adding another container inside.  Afterward, Lorraine’s designs were raffled off.

Lorraine Gabler Floral Designs:

Lorraine used “easter grass” inside the clear vase and at the base of her design.
Our program speaker FFGC Master Judge and FFGC Floral Design Instructor Lorraine Gabler
L to R: 1st VP Mary B. and our program speaker Lorraine Gabler



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