General Meetings

2016 April General Meeting

On April 14, 2016 Windermere Garden Club had a general meeting at Windermere Town Hall. It began with a informal coffee with Members Ceme C. and Peggy C. as our hostesses. They did a great job with just the right amount of snacks which were very delicious and filling.

Our hostesses Ceme C. and Peggy C. with Peggy's centerpiece
Our hostesses Ceme C. and Peggy C. with her centerpiece

Also, we had our biannual “white elephant” sale where we raised about third more than what we normally do. Great job chairman Carolin W.

Our program was “Secret to Eating Wild Plants” which was presented by local author, Peggy Lance. Peggy had many samples of common plants and weeds from her yard that you can eat and it was very informative.  For example dollar weed foliage can be used in salads and immature cattail centers can be cooked and used as mini corn on the cob. Also, Peggy said that it is most important that any plants or weeds you consume should not have chemicals  or fertilizers on them that can not be used on vegetables.

Our speaker Peggy Lance
Our speaker Peggy Lance

Our next general meeting will be a 2016-2017 officers’ installation LUNCHEON on May 12th at Orange Tree Golf Club. Advance paid reservations by May 5th are required to attend. See other posting for more information. Or call Jackie R. at 407-876-5789.




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