General Meetings

2014 Feb. General Meeting

At our meeting on Feb. 13th we had a great time and learned a lot about Florida soil and that with the right plant and care we CAN grow roses in Florida. Thanks to our speaker Tom Burke. Tom is member of the American Rose Society, Central Florida Rose Society, Orlando Area Historical Rose Society, and a Florida Master Gardener in Seminole County. After a long career as manager of Communications and Computers for The Wall Street Journal in Orlando with roses as his passion, he now works part time at Lukas Nursery in Oviedo, FL and several nights and weekend days each month traveling, speaking, and demonstrating gardening and rose growing throughout central Florida.

Here are some tips we learned from our speaker:
We need to buy the roses that are grafted onto the Fortuniana rootstock where the roots spread out at least 18 inches and most of the time a lot wider instead of having a tap root which mainly goes straight down like most roses do. Also to water and feed often but make sure to do it where the roots are in Fortuniana grafted roses which is far from the rose. To plant, make the hole the diameter of a large outdoor garage can lid and no deeper than the rose is in the container from the nursery. With the right knowledge, roses can grow well in Florida.

Speaker Tom Burke with 1st VP/Program Chairman Jill T.
Speaker Tom Burke with 1st VP/Program Chairman Jill T.

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