Sat, Feb 9 2013 – ISA Arborists & Nehrling Gardens Restore Historic Landmark Tree Canopy

2013 02-09 - Nehrling Gdns Cleanup

Contact Person: Theresa Schretzmann-Myers

Mobile: 407-579-4621



Saturday, February 9, 2013 – The International Society of Arboriculture Florida Chapter and Nehrling  Gardens complete the ISA Florida Chapter Loren Westenberger Work Day on Saturday, February 9, from 8 am – 2 pm at Historic Landmark Nehrling  Gardens , 2267 Hempel Avenue , Gotha , FL.   The work day focuses on restoration pruning of historic trees and palms along Hempel Avenue .  These include some of Florida ’s oldest native trees, tropical trees and hybrid Palms that were instrumental in the genesis of Florida ’s horticultural history and science. 

Nehrling Gardens was the recipient of the ISA Florida Chapter Work Day in 2011 to complete safety pruning on historic tree canopy damaged by the 2004 hurricanes and make the property safe for educational tours.  Many of the arborists return Saturday to continue restoration of  the historic tree canopy.  “I chose to do restoration pruning on the giant Podocarpus nagibecause it’s an unusual tree and there are not that many specimens this old or large left.  It’s uncommon, unique and beautiful.  There are a couple of larger branches that still need to be reduced to keep the longer limbs from breaking and protect it from further storm damage,” said ISA Certified Master Arborist Eric Engstrom.

The remaining 6-acre gardens and historic tree canopy are the work of Dr. Henry Nehrling, ornithologist, botanist and plant breeder, born in Sheboygan County , Wis. , May 9, 1853 of German-American parentage.  Henry Nehrling Society Inc. dba Nehrling Gardens  purchased the last 6 remaining acres with the goal of creating a history and education center focused on historic preservation, horticultural education and environmental conservation.  Educational tours are available by appointment at

ISA Certified Arborists from Davey Tree Company, A & J Tree & Landscape Service, GreenburstTree & Landscape, Arboriculture Tree Services and Enviro Tree Service will complete restoration pruning on historic trees and palms and remove exotic invasive Camphor trees.  Their restoration focus will be on the tree canopy located along Hemple Avenue frontage road and the Oaks on the property’s south side.  Dead wood removed from historic trees and dead fronds taken off palms stimulate hormones in the trees to regenerate healthy new growth and restore the canopy.  Invasive Camphor trees may be removed to allow more light penetration for historic trees and palms and its pungent mulch recycled along the gardens nature trails.  ISA Work Day Coordinator is Certified Arborist Mike Robinson , Jacksonville JEA Forester, 904-738-6330,

Nehrling originally purchased 40 acres of land in the newly founded German-American community of Gotha  in 1885.  Nehrling was a collaborator of the USDA Office of Foreign Seed and Plant Introduction of the Bureau of Plant Industry.  From this office he received many plants, but also furnished them with plant material obtained from other sources.  His collection of Palms, Bamboos, Magnolias and tropical plants such as caladiums, amaryllis and crinums made his garden the Mecca of horticulturalists who came to Florida , as well as a perpetual source of wonder to the plantsmen of Florida who were lucky enough to visit it. 

Contact Person: Theresa Schretzmann-Myers

Mobile: 407-579-4621


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