Camp Wekiva Youth Camp Registration

A message from Windermere Garden Club’s Camp Wekiva Chairman Kitty Day:

Registration is now open for the Wekiva Youth Camp.  The camp consists of 6 separate one week sessions during June and July for 3rd through 8th grade youngsters. It is located within Wekiwa Springs State Park and is sponsored by the Florida Federation of Garden Clubs (FFGC) which partners with the Florida Parks Service to maintain the camp.  The camp is non-profit and self-supporting, and is accredited by the American Camp Association. A new video and photos of the camp facilities as well as health and registration forms are available on the FFGC website:

The Windermere Garden Club provides 3 camp scholarships each summer. Peggy Collins already has one camper she is sending so we have room for 2 more campers that the club can sponsor.

Camp fees are:  

Camper Sponsored by a Garden Club    – $200.00  +  $35.00 activity fee  +  $5.00 reg. fee  = $240.00
Camper Child/Grandchild w/Volunteer – $100.00  +  $35.00 activity fee  +  $5.00 reg. fee  = $140.00

If you are interested in becoming a volunteer and/or enrolling your child or grandchild in one of the camps this summer, please print out the registration forms from the website and follow all instructions. Contact Kitty Day at the next meeting or by phone or e-mail ( if you would like to have a child sponsored by the Garden Club.  After your child attends camp, you will be reimbursed for the $200 registration fee.  If you prefer, you can submit your camper’s fees, health and registration forms by mail directly to the Camp Registrar.  Please make duplicate copies for the Club Treasurer.


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