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Changes to Club Constitution and Bylaws

At the March 10, 2011 General Meeting, the members voted in favor of the following changes to our Constitution and Bylaws.  The changes have been made on this website under their respective titles and are displayed in red as follows:



Section II:

a)  Active Membership:  To be eligible for active membership, a member must be interested in gardening and willing to take an active part in the club.

b)  Life Membership:  To be eligible for Life Membership, an applicant must have been a member in good standing for a minimum of ten years and must be approved by the board.  Life Members may be excused from club duties if they wish; they may be active; they may vote.


The Windermere Garden Club shall not adopt any practice, policy or procedure which would result in discrimination on the basis of gender, race or religion.


Article V  DUES

Section I:  Dues for members shall be $25 per year.  Dues for Life Members shall be $100 and earmarked for a purpose consistent with the objectives of the club.  for club membership only; National and State dues must be paid annually by the life member if continued National and/or State membership is desired.  Dues from Life Memberships shall be earmarked for a purpose consistent with the objectives of the club.  Yearly dues are due and payable in March and delinquent May 15.  A late fee of $5 will be assessed for dues paid on or after May 15.  Life membership is payable one time only.

Camp Wekiva Youth Camp Registration

A message from Windermere Garden Club’s Camp Wekiva Chairman Kitty Day:

Registration is now open for the Wekiva Youth Camp.  The camp consists of 6 separate one week sessions during June and July for 3rd through 8th grade youngsters. It is located within Wekiwa Springs State Park and is sponsored by the Florida Federation of Garden Clubs (FFGC) which partners with the Florida Parks Service to maintain the camp.  The camp is non-profit and self-supporting, and is accredited by the American Camp Association. A new video and photos of the camp facilities as well as health and registration forms are available on the FFGC website:

The Windermere Garden Club provides 3 camp scholarships each summer. Peggy Collins already has one camper she is sending so we have room for 2 more campers that the club can sponsor.

Camp fees are:  

Camper Sponsored by a Garden Club    – $200.00  +  $35.00 activity fee  +  $5.00 reg. fee  = $240.00
Camper Child/Grandchild w/Volunteer – $100.00  +  $35.00 activity fee  +  $5.00 reg. fee  = $140.00

If you are interested in becoming a volunteer and/or enrolling your child or grandchild in one of the camps this summer, please print out the registration forms from the website and follow all instructions. Contact Kitty Day at the next meeting or by phone or e-mail ( if you would like to have a child sponsored by the Garden Club.  After your child attends camp, you will be reimbursed for the $200 registration fee.  If you prefer, you can submit your camper’s fees, health and registration forms by mail directly to the Camp Registrar.  Please make duplicate copies for the Club Treasurer.

2011 Crazy Card Party Fund Raiser

Please join the Windermere Garden Club for our biggest fund raiser of the year:

2011 Crazy Card Party Update

The Windermere Garden Club’s Crazy Card Party and Luncheon will be on March 24, 2011.  This year’s theme is “Wild About Cards, Classy not Trashy”Monday, March 21 at 10:00 AM, a wrapping party will be held at member, Mary Ann “Dale” Boardman’s home.  Volunteers will be putting together baskets for the silent auction.  Please contact Mary Ann to let her know if you can make it and to find out if you need to bring anything.  All members are welcome.

Dress Code for Workers

  • All workers are requested to wear a black blouse/top and black pants.
  • There will be an optional leopard bandanna/small scarf for sale for $1. You may purchase it at the March 10 General Meeting, on the set up day on March 23, or on the day of the event on March 24.
  • Please contact member, Vicki Hearst, with dress code questions.

Still Needed

  • Items for the silent auction baskets. Items may include, but not limited to, wine, cheeses, crackers, bath products, hair products, gift certificates, any garden theme items such as seeds, pruning shears, various garden tools that will fit in a basket, Miracle Gro, any small potted plants i.e., African Violets, cactus, etc., you get the idea.  Also baskets and ribbon are needed.
  • Gift certificates for items for the silent auction.  Members are requested to solicit participation from local businesses.
  • Payment.  Members are encouraged to submit their checks for $20 ASAP or at the March 10 General Meeting.  Currently we only have 40 paid guests (including members). 96 guests is the goal.
  • Members are also encouraged to invite guests to the event.  An email was sent by Tanya Chesire with a flyer attached.  You can also direct your guests to this website for info which will be posted separately.

2011 Mar 10 General Meeting Speaker Change

On March 10th the presentation of the morning has been changed to:  “Planning the Perfect Garden Party on a Budget:  Butler Tips and Tricks.”  Certified and experienced Butler/Estate Manager, Debbie Einmo of White Glove Services LLC, will be providing ideas on how to plan an enchanting garden party, without spending a fortune.