General Meetings, Scholarships

2011 January 13 General Meeting

On January 13, 2011, the Windermere Garden Club met at the Windermere Town Hall.  Networking began at 9:30 am and the general meeting began at 10:00 am.  The topic today was  “African Violets”  by speaker, Tammy Cambre of Rainwater Violets Nursery, Geneva, Florida.  Tammy gave an excellent presentation about African Violets as well as a very informative Q&A. She also brought many African Violets for members and guests to purchase.

The two University of Florida Students who each received a $1,500 Environmental Horticulture scholarship from the Windermere Garden Club attended the meeting today.  They are Gina DeFalco and returning student, Cody Monroe.  Several WGC members treated them to lunch at Westerly’s Restaurant at the Metro West Golf Club after the meeting.

Meeting Hostesses,  Joan Prasky, Paula Rodgers and Jocelyn Deprez provided refreshments and a delicious buffet of breakfast snacks.  Hospice Flowers were supplied by Mary Black and Fran Jarolimek.  Photos are provided by Donna Ditges:

Speaker, Tammy Cambre
Scholarship Students: Gina DeFalco & Cody Monroe

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