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Article About Nehrling House

WGC member, Louise Meador, has furnished an article about the previous owners of Nehrling House which appeared in the Spring 2010 issue of Reflections from Central Florida, a publication by and for members of the Historical Society of Central Florida.  This Article is entitled, The Nally Years at Nehrling’s Gotha Paradise.”  Click on the article title to read.  Be patient, as it may take several seconds for the .pdf file to load.  Press CTRL – several times to reduce the size of the page and CTRL + to increase it.

2010 June 10 – Plant Exchange

Minora Hand hosted the Plant Exchange at her home.  The Gaura plant everyone loved is pictured in the slideshow and Minora describes it as follows:  “There are both red and white varieties.  It likes sun, gets out-of-hand (big) if over-watered, like mine is (thanks to my husband), and self-sows like crazy, but doesn’t transplant too well.”

Also, Donna took several photos of members to update their current yearbook photos.  If you would like a new photo in the Yearbook, please let us know via the Respond to this Post box below and we will schedule something in the next month or two.  Photos courtesy of Donna Ditges